Attitudes Dance Studio endeavours to create a distinctive and unique experience in all performing arts & associated skills.





Attitudes Dance Studio is now in its 30th year of operation. 

Attitudes Upholds it's magnetic reputation for it's friendly & creative environment it exerts. Our staff and students generate excitement, enthusiasm, openness, passion, innovation and drive which is the raw energy that propels the Performing Arts



students are encouraged to treat dance as part of their balanced life style.  Dance , though a disciplined art form, should certainly be enjoyed by all: therefore we endeavor to create the ultimate dance experience. At Attitudes students may choose dance as a skillful sport or to extend their vocational training as part of their future professional prospective. 


Attitudes staff are highly qualified with accreditation & strive to give each student the attention they deserve. We aim to provide a professional level of training encompassing technique, the art and performance.     

Attitudes offers a genre of classes in Classical Ballet (R.A.D.), Modern Jazz, Commercial Jazz, Broadway Jazz, Tap, New School Urban- Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Singing, Lyrical, Drama, Acrobatic Skills, Character & National Ethnic Dance. Students are welcome from the age of three years to adults and are given the opportunity to participate in competitions, charitable performances, floorshows and examinations which are held throughout the year.

Attitudes Students are also encouraged to apply for acceptance into Artist Management. We have a few affiliated accredited agencies associated with Attitudes Dance Studio. This enables students to gain experience in auditions and creating port folios, show reels and Resumes'.

To encourage families who have children who are attending numerous classes per week  we have structured various discounts within term dance fees. This includes family discounts, discounts on fees paid within time schedule & 'CAP LOCK'

Attitudes is proud to present it's 30th year of operation. Our end of year annual performance for 2017  is to be held on Monday 3rd December at Plenty Ranges Arts & Convention Centre, 35 Ferres Blvd, South Morang.  To help us celebrate the conclusion of the year past professional student will make a guest appearance in our spectacular show. 

I wish everyone the best of luck in 2019 and may all enjoy their journey with us.