Our agenda is to offer an exceptional range of Performing Arts Classes. This enables all students to become all round performers and encompass the Performing Arts as a whole.


Our Professional friendly, experienced staff and guidance helps provide a warm atmosphere within which students continue to strive for excellence.




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Attitudes students are encouraged to treat dance as part of their balanced life style. Students can choose from any style or a combination of varied classes. Private lessons are a one- to- one basis and students may perform their solos at Dance Eisteddfods.

At Attitudes we place equal importance in our students' ability to dance, sing and act. We recognize the importance the industry places in being a triple threat; therefore have built strong dance, singing and acting components into the degree plan for musical theatre. We emphasize Ballet and offer classes in Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Singing, Drama, Musical Theatre and Tap. Additionally, our classes are designed to meet the specific needs of musical theatre performers in the industry.

All classes are aimed at providing students with the opportunities to:

  • Improve fitness, core strength & body awareness
  • Improve performance skills
  • Develop confidence, self esteem, self motivation & discipline
  • Gain knowledge & appreciation of the arts, music & its history
  • Enhance technique
  • Learn safe dance techniques
  • Train with the industry's elite staff
  • Work in a safe yet gratifying learning environment for students and teachers alike
  • Prepare students for the Professional Industry, Agencies & full Time Accredited Courses
  • Learn in a friendly environment


Upon Enquiry


Troupe costumes vary from $50 to $100 per costume. This includes fabric, fitting, dressmaking & haberdashery.

This fee may sometimes include sequins, beading and trim.

Tutus are ordered  and will cost extra.

If you wish to make your own costume a discount will apply. Please See reception

Costume hire is available at a cost of $50 per costume of which $20 will be refunded upon return of costume.

Solo costumes vary. We can assist in dressmaking, hiring & purchase of 2nd hand costumes. Please see Reception.


  • All classes must be paid by the term and are payable within the first  (1) week of term. A late fee of $5 weekly will be added to account until paid in full due to further administrative costs.


  • All Payments must be met by the term otherwise full casual rates apply to all classes. Casual classes must be paid prior to commencement of each class. Students who pay weekly must also pay for unattended classes.


  • A 5% discount will be given to students with term fees of $700 and over if paid within the first week of term


  • An administration fee of $25 will be added to all accounts each term: This fee covers Administration, Copywrite licenses required for all classes and performances


  • Students are not permitted to participate in classes at other performing arts schools. Students are not permitted  to participate in classes that Attitudes has to offer at other competitive schools.


  • A $1400 CAP LOCK is available to all families who exceed the $1400 per term mark.

       This CAP LOCK  includes            -   All Classes available for students age group

                                                                       -   Fee will be capped at $1400 for all general classes.

                                                                        - The Cap Lock assists families with 2 or more children

       CAP LOCK  does not include     - Guest Teacher Workshops

                                                                       -   Extra Rehearsals

                                                                       -   Stage Rehearsals   

                                                                       -  Dress Rehearsals

                                                                       - Theatre Rehearsals

 (Please note// A Discount will be given to families with 2 or more siblings for the above mentioned)

  • Students are required to attend all classes & must advise the school if they are unable to do so.


  •  Students must let us know immediately if they cannot participate in any performance or competition.


  •  Students are required to wear appropriate foot and dancewear to class; Hair must also be in a neat bun. No large pieces of jewelry to be worn.


  • Attitudes Full Uniforms must be worn to all classes. No other colors allowed.  See reception for purchase & order forms.


  • Attitudes Full Logo Tacksuit Uniforms must be worn to all external performances & competitions representing A.D.S as required.  See reception for purchase & order forms.


  • Half the private fee must accompany any cancellation of all private lessons. Where 24-hours notice is not given the full fee will be incurred.


  • There will be an extra fees charge for any specialist teachers as required for troupes.


  • Students are required to advise us immediately if they cannot attend an exam. If a cancellation has occurred, a doctor's certificate may need to be produced to avoid money being forfeited to the societies.


  • Students unable to attend a class will not receive a refund of money. New students who pay weekly until settled in must also pay for unattended classes. You may choose to make up for classes you miss if you wish. Please note No Credit Will Be Given & Term Payment is non refundable


 For Further information and Timetable please contact Attitudes Dance Studio during our operating hrs on (03) 9350 4800

Phone will be attended at these times. Please leave us a message any other time as your call is important.  

Business hrs are          - 4pm-9pm Tuesday

                                          - 4pm-9pm  Thursday to Fridays

                                          -8.30am-6pm Saturdays 

email:      mail@attitudesdancestudio.com


Website: http://www.attitudesdancestudio.com/