"SILK Entertainment" presents high energy performances encompassing alternate musical dance styles in spectacular floorshows.

We cater your show....










 "SILK Entertainment"...... 

A Corporate Professional group of Entertainers, Dancers, Singers.


Our dancers are professional and have traveled the world dancing in various musicals such as Hair, Moulin Rouge, Happy Days, We Will Rock You, Cats, Guys & Dolls, Fame, Tap Dogs, Steel City as well as  various corporate gigs and launches, Casino's, Fashion Parades & Launches,  Theatre Restaurants, Charity Events, Hotels and so much more.....


SILK Entertainment   Provides each individual show to cater for your function, launch and corporate event, whatever you need for your evenings entertainment. Our shows consists of a varied style for each item so that it will appeal to a broad audience.  


SILK Entertainment  Has performed various shows themed or unthemed at various events such as "Melbourne Military Ball", "The Den" Launch, "Alumbra" corporate event, "Glamour Fashion Launch", "Captivated Fashion Event", " Secret Girls Fashion Gala", "Raine & Horne Victorian State Awards", "Akkia" Fashion Launch and so much more...

 Themed Floorshows:

"The Gatsby"

"Gatsby"                        stylish performance of the roaring 20's & slinky  sultry style where old meet new !! Gatsby Flapper costumes, Feathers, Sequence, Beads, Fans and Colors to captivate and tantalize!! These styles combined for an exciting routine filled with playfulness, fun and style.  Included is our professional host and her cheeky audience interaction through song & dance. This is a medley of songs running for approx 15 min



 "Floor Passion"                           A high energy performance of Latin, Salsa and Jazz. These styles combined for an exciting routine filled with powerful partner work and dynamic Pas de Deux lifts. If you thought ballroom dancing was strictly for  your grandparents think again, the oh-so-sexy choreography, the quick, intricate footwork, the perfectly timed dips & flips, the silky-smooth partnering all come together for a sizzling number. This is a medley of songs running for approx 5 min 


"Chicago"                                          Is one of broadways most popular and thrilling smash hit musicals. It's an electrifying tale of greed murder and show biz, filled with songs such as "All That Jazz" & "Razzle Dazzle". Chicago features a gorgeous ensemble performing sizzling numbers choreographed in the style of Bob Fosse. Our electrifying dancers come to life creating a spectacular number with our lead female vocalist singing "All That Jazz" with her 4 male dancers and our sensational cast per forming 'Cell Block Tango". This is a 2 piece item running for approx 5-8 Min; Extra rehearsal rates apply for an 8 min piece 

"The Cutting Edge"          Street Tap has currently taken the world by storm with the unpredictable tap style that combines strength and power of work men with the precision and talent of tap dancing. Our lead tap dancer, Shane Preston, who has traveled the world tapping his heart away with Dein Perry Australia's leading tap choreographer in TAP DOGS & STEEL CITY, is a sensation to watch as he combines effortless work men foot work surrounded by his work mate Tap Friends our Tap Kittens, a stylish & glamorous core of female tap dancers. This is a medley of songs running for approx 5 min

"Circe Vaudeville"

"Circe Vaudeville Enter Act"                        A stylish performance of dainty point work to slinky contortionist with circus vaudeville costumes, feathers and colors to our caped dancers!! These styles combined for an exciting routine filled with powerful partner work and dynamic Pas de Deux lifts.  Followed by the professional 'Circus Foot Juggler' who will amazing with her act of skill in juggling chairs and tables with her feet!!!  This is a medley of songs running for approx 15 min


Act 2 "Circe Vaudeville Acrobatico"                        The unpredictable and thrilling power of  our professional spring stilts acrobatic stunts performer  in an electrifying feature of high flying moves. Featuring our gorgeous, electrifying dancers come to life creating a spectacular number of tumbles and choreography featuring music from current pop artists in a production to "Circus" . This is a 2 piece item running for approx 15 Min


Un themed Floorshows:

Styles Of Dance

  • Hip Hop
  • Musical Theatre                                          
  • Jazz
  • Lyrical
  • Vocalists
  • Cabaret
  • Modern
  • Funk
  • Ballroom
  • Tap
  • Latin

 Styles vary from the sizzling, slinky, electrifying & dynamic to the classy glamorous genre. Whatever your evenings entertainment requires. We cater your show....

For bookings or further information email: silk@attitudesdancestudio.com